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Cake prices


Each and every one of our novelty and celebration cakes is custom made to order to meet the exact requirements of our customers. Because of this, we cannot put a price tag on our cakes in the way that you would expect to see on the cake shelves of a supermarket.

We also cannot (and have no desire to) compete with the major supermarkets on price. The time and skill level involved in creating a Happy Little Cake – not to mention the quality of the end product – are simply not comparable.

Once we have a full understanding of what you want your cake to look and taste like, we will work out an accurate price for you.

There are no hidden extras or additional charges along the way.

The price remains fixed unless you request design changes that will affect the overall cost of the cake, in which case we will inform you of any additional charges.

Cake collection by appointment is free of charge and delivery can be arranged if you prefer.  Delivery costs are calculated on a mileage/distance basis.

Because we know that you’re likely to have a budget for your novelty cake and that not everyone’s budget is the same, we have put together a rough guide to the price you can expect to pay for a Happy Little Cake Company novelty or celebration cake.

As a guide:

  • Simply decorated square/round celebration cakes from £60
  • 3D/sculpted novelty cakes from £110
  • Tiered cakes from £150
  • Cupcakes with buttercream from £12.90 for a box of six
  • Fondant cupcakes from £15.60 for a box of six

Prices for our naked cakes depend on the size of cake ordered – please contact us to discuss your requirements.